What next???

Hello everyone,

I’m in my final year and the only thing everything talks about is what they are going to study next year. I’m also thinking about it and it’s so hard because you have to make a decision for (probably) the rest of your life. I still feel too young to make such a big decision. If I could choose, I would first finish this year and then travel the world, think about what I want to do with my life and then come back and study a bit longer. I think I would be a bit wiser then and I will know more about myself. There are like so many things you can study for and I have no idea what I really want. First I was really sure what I wanted to do in my life but know I don’t have a clue.

I’m dreaming of becoming an actress but I have like really zero experience and I don’t know anybody who’s in the movie industry, so there goes my dream. It’s so weird because I really do think that I will get there but I don’t take any steps to get there.

I hope you really know what you want to study and you are sure of it and if you don’t, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Bye 🙂


Hello, let me introduce myself…

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. I’m just writing my thoughts and you don’t have to agree with anything I say. I just make this blog for myself, to have something I can look to when I’m older. It’s sort of a diary and in a few years I will be able to see what’s going through my head when I was younger. It can be kinda boring so hope you don’t mind.

Enjoy and feel free to comment! Bye.