See the invisible

You need to look further, further than the things you can see. Look for the unusual things, those that nobody notices or nobody wants to see. It can be hate or love between 2 persons. It can be sadness or fake happiness, Inequality or abuse.  See how somebody changes and how the things around you don’t stay the same.

There aren’t many people who see it because almost nobody wants to face the truth. The truth that can be ugly, hurting but at least it’s real. And if you see it you should be proud, not proud because you see the darkness in the world, but proud because you see things as they are. You are not turning the world into something that it isn’t.

You can look at the world at your own way, without the judgments of somebody else. You have to make your own opinion, not affected by other people and their wrong look at things. Be proud, proud of yourself.



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