Summertime changes


First of all, my whole class graduated!!!!!!!!! Tonight is the proclamation and I’m exciteeeddddd! Finally a new change in my life, new school, new subject, new people, … Tomorrow is prom and I will tell you all about it after that and I’ll talk about my date too. But saturday night there was a barbecue at my teachers house and we could sleep there in tents if we wanted to. But at the same time it was also the birthday night of my date for prom. Things are getting really complicated between us so I wasn’t sure if I would give him a birthday gift. So I decided to give him his Valentine gift from last year. (Yes, he broke up with me a few days before valentine so I had already bought his gift). But I forgot it at home, it was a perfume of AXE, it wasn’t very expensive but we were dating almost a month so I did’t had to be the most expensive gift. The perfume smells sooo good so I guess I will keep it till I have a boyfriend to give that to him later.

Now my ex is really a difficult character, he gets really fast mad and he has often trouble with his friend. He’s also a bit attention-addicted so he isn’t the easiest guy on earth. However I got with him to prom but now that the day comes closer, I’m not looking forward to it. At the barbecue I was talking to my other friend but he’s really sweet and nice. I have told him about how I feel about my parents divorce and about how after 12 years I still struggle with it. He really listened to me and told me also personal things about himself. I never told anybody how I felt about it, so I was very relieved that I could tell him. The problem with him is that he was/is (IDK) in love with me so it’s also not really simple between us neither but I trust him. Some people really laugh with him because he doesn’t really smell well but I must admit that sometimes it irritates me too.

But yeah, I guess everyone has good and bad characteristics.

Love you all byeeee


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