The cold war & you

Well hi again

I have 2 thing to talk about this time (double trouble)

1: HE ASKEDDDD MEEE, Yes the guy I talked about did finally officially ask me to prom, I thought that he changed his mind because it took long enough. So I was very happy and our friends were watching us and I couldn’t stop smiling. My friends were so happy for me and I couldn’t think about anything else for daysss. But now weekend is over and I still feel kind of weird because he almost doesn’t talk to me at school and other days we don’t do anything else. I guess it’s because exams started today & that brings me to my other topic.

2: Exams: Oh god, hell no! So today I had my first exams and I feel like they were terrible. So tomorrow I have history and geography and I’m dying. It’s a really strange topic to learn because our books are so messy.  In history it’s about the cold war and it’s interesting but I just don’t like to study. I literally red my book the whole day and I didn’t really study study :/  I will try to get up tomorrow a bit earlier. I really hope I can pass my exams because I really want to go to high school.

Good luck with your exams if you have some

love -A


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