Lost in broken love

Hi everyone, it’s me again

So I told you about the guy who I had a relationship with last year and with who I’m still kind of in love I think? So I got some updates, my friend talked to him and she told me that he said that he still has feelings for me but he’s in two minds because he likes another girl too (the other girl I talked about in the previous post). So I knew it ! I’m kind of happy and sad.  Happy because I don’t see things that aren’t real and  sad because he loves somebody else. So she asked about how I felt so she could tell him and I said that I didn’t want to start over because he isn’t 100% sure if he wants me or not. He’s always surrounded by girls and I feel like he’s making everybody in love with him. I know that in my class there were 4 girls in love with him (actually 5 if you count me too).

But here’s the big news, my friend told me that she talked to him the day after and he said that he has chosen for me and not that other girl. He said that he didn’t see himself being with her. So I am happy but I don’t know what to do because next year we won’t see each other again. She also told me that he wanted to ask me for prom but he would only do it if my answer would be yes. I know it’s stupid but I told her that I would say yes if he asked. She was surprised but however I know that we won’t have a relationship, I can’t help loving him so much. I would really do anything for him, he’s also texting me and he’s being so sweet. Now I’m just waiting till he asks me and I’m stressing for what I will wear and how my classmates will react (because not everyone knows we had a relationship, we kept it quiet). What I don’t know either is what he’s expecting to happen at prom because it’s really complicated between us.

You may laugh & you really can but our relationship didn’t last long. We were together for about a month and we hadn’t kiss, what means that I still need to have my first kiss. My friends are really laughing with this but however I’m really freaking out!

Any advice? Feel free to comment ❤

Love A.


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