You with somebody else?


You may not know it but last year I was in a really short relationship with somebody of my class. I was already in love with him in the beginning of the year but we were together around January. I met him the first day of september because I had to change from school. We were together for about a month and we broke up because we were having a fight. He had sent me a text to tell me it was over. I was so mad at him because he didn’t even do the effort to tell me in person. So I did was a bit upset but I was so mad that I couldn’t cry.

Now we’re one year later and I’m still in the same class as him, next year we’re going to college so we will never see each other again. I have to admit that I’m still not really over him. I thought I was but when we see each other or text, all the feelings are coming back. Sometimes he hugs me or puts his arm around my neck and then I feel like I’m melting but I never wanted to admit that till today. In our friend group (yes, we still have the same friends) there’s a new girl from another class. She’s really nice and we are like the same. I do like her and so does he. Now I feel like he does the same with her as with me and it feels so weird, it’s like he’s in love with her and that hurts. He’s always close with people that’s just who he is but he was never so close with somebody like he was with me  until now. I feel so disappointed because I really believed I was over him. Clearly not.

See you soon and thanks for listening to my complain ❤



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