Vacation time :)

Well hi everyoneeee!

In the country I live in, it’s vacation. As you can think I do have a lot of time (1 week), or not. I think it’s short but however it’s better than going to school. I have bought a new bed because my other was to small, I bought it in IKEA and as you may know, it’s hard to install things from IKEA. BUTTT I did it and I’m so happy for that. It wasn’t easy to bring my mattress upwards because my room is all the way at the top of my house and it wasn’t really easy. Now everything is installed and I feel so happy that I bought it, I’m redesigning my room and it feels so good!!

On the other hand, I planned to study a lot this vacation and I literally haven’t done anything. I feel so bad for that but yeah it isn’t everyday vacation isn’t it?

Enjoy your day, I hope the sun is shining where you live but I can tell you, it’s very cold here and it’s raining every day. Thank you for reading my post.