What is happening?

What a week huh. Nothing is going normal, everything is so strange. My grandpa has been hospitalized a couple times and I was so scared that he would die. Everyone was like supporting my mother and grandma and nobody thought that I could have a hard time too.  My grandma kept saying that they were so happy with a daughter like my mother is and I was sitting there like okay. I do know that they love me too and just didn’t see it the way I did but still…

That wasn’t the only thing that was happening last week. I’m in my last year and our most important subject in my course is biology. I’m really not good in it and I don’t like it, not because of our teacher because she’s very sweet, just because it’s really hard. You might be thinking, why did she choose for that subject then? I don’t know either but I thought I would be happy later when I would go to college. We will see if I’ll be happy but most important if I don’t have good grades for biology, I think I’ll have to do my year again and I’m so scared for that. She didn’t give any tests and now it’s the only thing she does. My grades are like really not good, we had 3 tests and I failed for 2 tests. The average for the 3 tests is 39% so I don’t know how I will save my grades. Ughhh school… and it’s not the only subject, they’re all worse but not like biology.

These were already 2 things of my list from thing that went wrong, then you still have the fight with my mom, a stupid guy who likes me in my class and who won’t leave me alone, the bad weather and me being lonely AF at and after valentine’s day.

Hope you don’t have a stupid week! Bye.






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