It’s complicated…

Hi everyone

Today has been such a complicated day. In the beginning of the day everything looked fine, like a normal day. Suddenly I couldn’t do anything, I couldn’t focus on studying, … after reading a page, I told myself I needed a break and started watching the “Criminal Minds” marathon. I was so tired and it was like 3pm. My dad wanted to learn me how to drive like he did yesterday. Yesterday everything went fine, it was like I had practised a hundred times. Because of that I had a really good feeling, I thought I was killing it. Today showed me I wasn’t, the car kept blocking and I got really scared and wanted to step out of the car and go home. My dad doesn’t give up that fast so I had to keep trying. I wasn’t happy at all. When I came home I started watching the other episodes of “Criminal Minds” and my crush (REID, Matthew Gray Gubler) was being abducted and tortured. Tears were rolling down my face, even if I knew it wasn’t real. Guess I was just having a mental breakdown or being oversensitive again. My day just wasn’t good and I feel terrible. Gonna post this tomorrow. Bye.


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