Dangerous people

I don’t go out a lot but friday night I did. In the city I live there is every year some kind of big fair and it’s really fun. So, I went there with some friends by 8:30 en we walked and had a really good time. Time flew by and when I left it was 1:00 at night. I don’t live far from where it takes place, I guess about 20 minutes walking so I go on foot.

Because it was so late (and I am a girl) my friend (a boy) would walk me home. It’s because I’m always really scared if it’s dark outside and if I’m alone. I have to walk past some “dangerous” neighborhoods so I’m always aware of every thing that can happen and I see everyone. Thanks to my friend I wasn’t really scared because I was not alone. I always hear about girls being abducted or kidnapped because they go home alone, and maybe I watch too much police series. It’s possible I have too much imagination BUTTTT when we walked home there was some guy (I think he was 35years old or idk) who was walking behind us and he went from left to right and kept doing that. I noticed it and I thought he was trying to steal anything so I turned around and looked really mad at him. From the moment I did that he walked past us and walked 10 meters in front of us. I was happy that he was gone because I felt safe again.

Then I saw him walking totally to the right toward a girl (about my age), he was saying something to her but I couldn’t hear what. She kept walking and was also very mad and disgusting  looking at him. So because I’m aware of everything that happens I saw that too and told it too my friend.

We were keeping an eye at him and he went right to go into another street, I had the option to also go in that street to go home but I was really afraid of him so I kept walking through the other way to get home. I walked a bit behind him so I could still see him when he went into that street. There was walking some woman (about 35 years old) and I saw he was bothering her too, she shouted and started running away some meters. He didn’t follow her and he just walked through. Then I was really freaking out, my friend saw it too and I really didn’t know what to do. I was doubting if I should call the police but my friend was calming me down and said that nothing happened. I’m sure that he may have bothered other woman that may have come on his way. What it wrong of me to not call the police? He didn’t follow them and I also didn’t hear what he said or asked to them. I don’t know but I hoped that the 2 persons he bothered have called the police.

I really needed to get it of my chest…  So disappointed in this world, never thought it would happen in the city I live…


See the invisible

You need to look further, further than the things you can see. Look for the unusual things, those that nobody notices or nobody wants to see. It can be hate or love between 2 persons. It can be sadness or fake happiness, Inequality or abuse.  See how somebody changes and how the things around you don’t stay the same.

There aren’t many people who see it because almost nobody wants to face the truth. The truth that can be ugly, hurting but at least it’s real. And if you see it you should be proud, not proud because you see the darkness in the world, but proud because you see things as they are. You are not turning the world into something that it isn’t.

You can look at the world at your own way, without the judgments of somebody else. You have to make your own opinion, not affected by other people and their wrong look at things. Be proud, proud of yourself.


Looking for love

Looking for love outside my house.  Looking for love outside my town. Looking for love outside my country. Always looking, never finding. Looking way too far, way too much.

Hoping that one day she’ll find love, real love, somebody that she loves and loves her back. She doesn’t want complicated love, just the simple one.

The love of saying you’re mine and it will stay forever. The love in which you can build a future together and discuss the things you want to do together, the things you want to achieve. Going on adventure or just stay home and watch a stupid movie. The love of just wanting to be together no matter what the plans are.

Not the kind of love where you have to Facebook or Instagram every thing you’re doing together. Not having the whole world watching you and criticizing if you’re a good couple or not.

Just love, which is truly and real love between two people

– A

Summertime changes


First of all, my whole class graduated!!!!!!!!! Tonight is the proclamation and I’m exciteeeddddd! Finally a new change in my life, new school, new subject, new people, … Tomorrow is prom and I will tell you all about it after that and I’ll talk about my date too. But saturday night there was a barbecue at my teachers house and we could sleep there in tents if we wanted to. But at the same time it was also the birthday night of my date for prom. Things are getting really complicated between us so I wasn’t sure if I would give him a birthday gift. So I decided to give him his Valentine gift from last year. (Yes, he broke up with me a few days before valentine so I had already bought his gift). But I forgot it at home, it was a perfume of AXE, it wasn’t very expensive but we were dating almost a month so I did’t had to be the most expensive gift. The perfume smells sooo good so I guess I will keep it till I have a boyfriend to give that to him later.

Now my ex is really a difficult character, he gets really fast mad and he has often trouble with his friend. He’s also a bit attention-addicted so he isn’t the easiest guy on earth. However I got with him to prom but now that the day comes closer, I’m not looking forward to it. At the barbecue I was talking to my other friend but he’s really sweet and nice. I have told him about how I feel about my parents divorce and about how after 12 years I still struggle with it. He really listened to me and told me also personal things about himself. I never told anybody how I felt about it, so I was very relieved that I could tell him. The problem with him is that he was/is (IDK) in love with me so it’s also not really simple between us neither but I trust him. Some people really laugh with him because he doesn’t really smell well but I must admit that sometimes it irritates me too.

But yeah, I guess everyone has good and bad characteristics.

Love you all byeeee

The cold war & you

Well hi again

I have 2 thing to talk about this time (double trouble)

1: HE ASKEDDDD MEEE, Yes the guy I talked about did finally officially ask me to prom, I thought that he changed his mind because it took long enough. So I was very happy and our friends were watching us and I couldn’t stop smiling. My friends were so happy for me and I couldn’t think about anything else for daysss. But now weekend is over and I still feel kind of weird because he almost doesn’t talk to me at school and other days we don’t do anything else. I guess it’s because exams started today & that brings me to my other topic.

2: Exams: Oh god, hell no! So today I had my first exams and I feel like they were terrible. So tomorrow I have history and geography and I’m dying. It’s a really strange topic to learn because our books are so messy.  In history it’s about the cold war and it’s interesting but I just don’t like to study. I literally red my book the whole day and I didn’t really study study :/  I will try to get up tomorrow a bit earlier. I really hope I can pass my exams because I really want to go to high school.

Good luck with your exams if you have some

love -A

Lost in broken love

Hi everyone, it’s me again

So I told you about the guy who I had a relationship with last year and with who I’m still kind of in love I think? So I got some updates, my friend talked to him and she told me that he said that he still has feelings for me but he’s in two minds because he likes another girl too (the other girl I talked about in the previous post). So I knew it ! I’m kind of happy and sad.  Happy because I don’t see things that aren’t real and  sad because he loves somebody else. So she asked about how I felt so she could tell him and I said that I didn’t want to start over because he isn’t 100% sure if he wants me or not. He’s always surrounded by girls and I feel like he’s making everybody in love with him. I know that in my class there were 4 girls in love with him (actually 5 if you count me too).

But here’s the big news, my friend told me that she talked to him the day after and he said that he has chosen for me and not that other girl. He said that he didn’t see himself being with her. So I am happy but I don’t know what to do because next year we won’t see each other again. She also told me that he wanted to ask me for prom but he would only do it if my answer would be yes. I know it’s stupid but I told her that I would say yes if he asked. She was surprised but however I know that we won’t have a relationship, I can’t help loving him so much. I would really do anything for him, he’s also texting me and he’s being so sweet. Now I’m just waiting till he asks me and I’m stressing for what I will wear and how my classmates will react (because not everyone knows we had a relationship, we kept it quiet). What I don’t know either is what he’s expecting to happen at prom because it’s really complicated between us.

You may laugh & you really can but our relationship didn’t last long. We were together for about a month and we hadn’t kiss, what means that I still need to have my first kiss. My friends are really laughing with this but however I’m really freaking out!

Any advice? Feel free to comment ❤

Love A.

You with somebody else?


You may not know it but last year I was in a really short relationship with somebody of my class. I was already in love with him in the beginning of the year but we were together around January. I met him the first day of september because I had to change from school. We were together for about a month and we broke up because we were having a fight. He had sent me a text to tell me it was over. I was so mad at him because he didn’t even do the effort to tell me in person. So I did was a bit upset but I was so mad that I couldn’t cry.

Now we’re one year later and I’m still in the same class as him, next year we’re going to college so we will never see each other again. I have to admit that I’m still not really over him. I thought I was but when we see each other or text, all the feelings are coming back. Sometimes he hugs me or puts his arm around my neck and then I feel like I’m melting but I never wanted to admit that till today. In our friend group (yes, we still have the same friends) there’s a new girl from another class. She’s really nice and we are like the same. I do like her and so does he. Now I feel like he does the same with her as with me and it feels so weird, it’s like he’s in love with her and that hurts. He’s always close with people that’s just who he is but he was never so close with somebody like he was with me  until now. I feel so disappointed because I really believed I was over him. Clearly not.

See you soon and thanks for listening to my complain ❤


It has been a while …

Hey guys

First of all sorry for not posting for such a long time. I had a lot to do and also a lot to deal with. I went 2 weeks on an internship in a hospital but I couldn’t do much because I’m not a nursing student. I just had to wash people, talk to them, clean tables and I could rarely take parameters. As you can see, I didn’t really like it because it was kind of boring. However, it was a nice experience and I learned a lot and I met a few interesting people there. I learned a lot about life, so that’s never bad. Hope you had a fun week!

See you soon, cheers

Ps: I actually wrote this post a few days ago but my wifi didn’t work so I posted it today ❤

Vacation time :)

Well hi everyoneeee!

In the country I live in, it’s vacation. As you can think I do have a lot of time (1 week), or not. I think it’s short but however it’s better than going to school. I have bought a new bed because my other was to small, I bought it in IKEA and as you may know, it’s hard to install things from IKEA. BUTTT I did it and I’m so happy for that. It wasn’t easy to bring my mattress upwards because my room is all the way at the top of my house and it wasn’t really easy. Now everything is installed and I feel so happy that I bought it, I’m redesigning my room and it feels so good!!

On the other hand, I planned to study a lot this vacation and I literally haven’t done anything. I feel so bad for that but yeah it isn’t everyday vacation isn’t it?

Enjoy your day, I hope the sun is shining where you live but I can tell you, it’s very cold here and it’s raining every day. Thank you for reading my post.


Music makes life


Decided to make a total different post, a post where I will talk about music! My big love! There’s nothing that makes life better than this. I can’t read musical notes (is that right?, I don’t speak english so I don’t know lol), but however my dad can and he has learned me some songs to play. Another thing what I love about music is LISTENING TO IT!!! Thank you to whoever who has made earphones, I LOVE YOUUU!!! There are so much different music styles and it’s like it’s made for every emotion. It helps me every moment I’m feeling something and even if I feel empty music helps. Have you already heard Selena Gomez’ new song called “It ain’t me”? I literally like it so much, it’s amazing.

My top 10:

  1. It ain’t me – Kygo, Selena Gomez
  2. Shape of you – Ed Sheeran
  3. Love me now – John Legend
  4. Starving – Hailee Steinfeld
  5. Castle on the hill – Ed Sheeran
  6. Say you won’t let go – James Arthur
  7. 24K -Bruno Mars
  8. Secret love song – Little Mix
  9. Closer – The Chainsmokers
  10. Fight Song – COVER of Calysta Bevier